Our Approach

Technology + Industry Experience + Licensed Clincians  = the best measurement-based care (MBC) solution on the market!

Our 45+ years combined industry experience coupled with our vast technology expertise has allowed us to develop the most MBC software on the market.

Our Approach is simple. We make the complicated less complicated through cutting edge technology, providing you the tools you need to meet and exceed the Joint Commission's accreditation requirements In addition, our big data solution will allow you to identify and track key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing you to make critical business decisions to ensure long term success of your program.

Our solution combines easy to use measurement software with expert clinical driven long-term patient relationship through our 3rd party case management partnership(s) , and ongoing clinical support  providing you a full life cycle measurement-based care.

Outcome Catalyst Group (OCG) has developed web-based software platform that tracks symptoms, measures treatment progress & data analytical tool allowing information to be shared throughout the patient aftercare

Measuring aftercare is critical to the success of a patients recovery and OCG has developed leading edge technology to seamlessly integrate with your current operations, ensuring both the success of your treatment model and increasing the effectiveness of a patients recovery.