• Measurement Based Care Software
    Built for the substance abuse and mental health industry
  • Integration with patient contact call center for aftercare follow-up
  • OCG will ensure you EXCEED the Joint Commission’s 2018 Accreditation Requirements

Exceeding Joint Commission Requirements

Providing you the data intelligence and ability to stay ahead of the triggers that can lead to a relapse.

Measuring Outcomes & Exceeding Joint Commission Requirements

The Joint Commission’s measurement-based care (MBC) accreditation requirement begins in January 2018! Are you ready?

Many behavioral health organizations are slightly behind but OCG has developed the most comprehensive cloud-based MBC software on the market. Measuring outcomes is our expertise.

We know that many organizations lack the clinical or technical resources to implement MBC quickly and efficiently. But now with OCG platform, we have made this difficult task much easier! Call us today to find out more.


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